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Golden Fantasy of Thar

The 'Desert Citadel', few places can match the grandeur and magnificence of this golden fantasy of the Thar, it is a legend amidst the vast barren sandy tracts of western Rajasthan. After driving miles and miles through the stony waste land, denuded and devoid of any vegetation and life, the sudden appearance of Jaisalmer hillock in its golden color exhibits a complete contrast in its surroundings.


The golden city was founded by Brawl Jaisal, a descendent of the Yadav, a Bhati Rajput in 1156 AD, on the advice of a hermit Eesul, and shifted his capital from Lodurva. The legend goes that Lord Krishna visited this place and said that a remote descendent of the Yadav clan would raise his capital overhere, which would be formidable for centuries.


Jaisalmer was well protected due to the hostile landscape and Bhati Rajputs are known for their valour and chivalry. They levied taxes on the caravsans that traveled the ancient spice route on their way to Delhi, and went on rampage over the nearby fortresses, acquiring huge wealth for the city. The glory of Jaisalmer was affected by the beginning of sea trade which replaced the land trade.

How to Reach Jaisalmer
Area : 5.1 sq. km.
Altitude : 225 meters
Climate : Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer : 41.6° C 25.0° C
Winter :
23.6° C 7.9° C
Rainfall : 15 cms.
Best Season : Oct.-Feb.
Summer : light tropical
Winter : light woolen
Languages :
English, Hindi, Rajasthani.
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