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Teej Festival
Place Tithi Next Dates
Jaipur Shrawan-S 3-4 11-12 Aug 2002 1-2 Aug 2003
Date Time Place Event
23rd - 24th July 5.00 PM Tripolia Gate, Hind Hotel Turban Tying Competition (Indian & Foreign)
Bangle Wearing Competition (Indian & Foreign Ladies)
6.00 PM Tripolia Gate, Hind Hotel
Procession Of Teej Mata
24rd July 1.00 PM To 5.00 PM Chaugan Stadium Decorated Swings Musical Chair (Only for Ladies) Horse Race, Decoration, Acrobatics Competition and other Items
5.00 PM To 6.00 PM
7.30 PM To 9.30 PM
Chaugan Stadium Shahnai Vadan, Folk Music & Dances
Cradled Deity :
When the rains come down, spirits soar high in celebration. Song & dance mark the gaiety of the Teej Festival celebrated in Jaipur. Teej is held every year during the Hindu Month of Shravan and marks the advent of the monsoons. While the rains quench the thirst of the land and every tree turns a lush green, every flower blooms in gay abandon, the young girls, the newly married lasses, the married womenfolk all pray to Goddess Parvati to bless them with good husbands and thereafter to give them conjugal bliss and happiness.
Procession :
The fair is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva. Young girls, newly wedded girls and old women can be seen attired in flashy traditional costumes and ornaments. Basically a women's festival, it is interesting to watch them enjoying in groups all over the city and in the colourful bazars.
Ample arrangements are made for the tourist for the bird's eye view of the procession.The Teej idol is covered with a canopy whereas the Gangaur idol is open.

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